The InteliPASS system was developed for owners and managers of commercial buildings to increase security in the facility, ensure savings and practically eliminate queues forming at the reception desk. InteliPASS is based on QR codes, which replace the access cards.

Each tenant can easily (from a single panel) plan a visit of a quest or group and send an invitation in the form of a QR code. A person visiting the building no longer needs to register at the reception desk and a pass and all the necessary additional information is sent to an e-mail (e.g. directions to the building or the availability of parking spaces). The inviting person can see if his or her guest is already in the building and if he or she has already left it. The QR code for the entrance can be obtained by the invited person or it can be printed by the reception desk.

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InteliPASS can also be used to support conferences, dispersed locations (e.g. forwarding points), or verification of rights (e.g. handing over equipment, tickets or meals).


InteliPASS eliminates the most common problems occurring in office buildings during guest registration. It allows you to plan your guest’s visit yourself or from the tenant’s level. It makes the reception desk an information point with not need for guests to wait in queues to register. It also gives more control over the flow of entries and exits in the building. Moreover, InteliPASS makes it possible to provide visitors with additional information, e.g. directions, availability of parking spaces, and facilitates and accelerates servicing group visits.

The InteliPASS system is also a benefit resulting from the ease of its implementation in a new or existing facility. There is no need to buy additional access control devices or special gateways for its implementation. In addition, InteliPASS can be integrated with any access control system, parking or elevator system. The tenant and the building manager can also use the online system without having to install software on computers.



How much does InteliPASS cost?

We approach each client individually and try to adapt our offer to his needs. Valuation of the system for a given facility is prepared on request. There are no limits on the number of users, the number of entrances or reception desks. If you want to know how much it costs, please contact us.

Can such a system be installed in any building?

InteliPass can be implemented in any office building. There is no need to buy additional access control devices or special gateways for its implementation. In addition, InteliPASS can be integrated with any access control system, parking or elevator system.

How long does it take to install such a system?

InteliPASS requires a thorough analysis of all security systems in a building. Only after such an audit and after getting acquainted with the client’s expectations we are able to give an approximate time of completion. Feel free to contact us.

Can I monitor the entries and exits of the building myself after the implementation of the InteliPASS system?

The InteliPASS system allows its owner (building manager and tenants) to independently control all entries and exits in real time. Each visit is recorded in the system and the statistics are monitored on an ongoing basis. Everything is visible on a single panel that allows you to manage your InteliPass system.

What is the advantage of the InteliPASS system over other systems operating on the European market?

InteliPASS is the only one system based on full automation through the use of QR codes in Poland and one of few in Europe. Thanks to it, entries and exits from the facility are smooth and without any blockages. Guests do not have to wait for registration at the reception desk and do not have to log in to the “guestbook”. After registration on a dedicated website, the invitation is sent automatically to the guest’s email in the form of a QR code, so that the tenant can be sure that the person will only enter the place after the invitation has been received.

What is the target group of InteliPASS?

InteliPASS is primarily intended to improve the work of managers of commercial buildings and facilitate the entry of guests to specific tenants. Its implementation increases the level of security in the facility, through better control of entries and exits, as well as increases the level of guest service.

Is InteliPASS compatible with the new GDPR Act?

InteliPASS is fully adapted to the provisions of GDPR in force from May 2018. It can also be adapted to the internal regulations concerning the security of data processing at a given facility.

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